Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems play an essential role in life and property protection and need to be designed and installed to the current Fire Alarm Standards to make sure they operate correctly.

Radio Fire Alarm Systems

The Radio Fire Alarm Systems that we supply and install fully meet the British Standards and are designed and manufactured by EMS, the UK market leader, which launched the first radio fire alarm system in 1996.

Are they more expensive?

Radio Fire Alarm Systems are slightly more expensive than wired systems, although prices have come down, closing the gap between the cost of a radio device and the time taken to run cables to a wired device.

In commercial properties where “time is money”, the speed of installation will normally outweighs this additional cost as the time needed to install a radio system is a fraction of the time needed to install a wired system, especially if cables need to be hidden from view, such as in listed buildings.

What about battery costs?

Except for the Control Panel and Radio Boosters, all other devices in the systems we install are powered by batteries that are freely available online or in DIY stores so there ae no expensive special battery packs that need to be supplied by the manufacturer.

Under normal use, batteries should last between 3 and 5 years. When a battery is low, the Control Panel will indicate this, giving the user plenty of warning that it needs to be changed while the system remains fully operational. As an additional safety measure, all devices have 2 battery sources so that if one fails the second one will keep the device working.

As part of our Servicing & Maintenance Contract we offer to change batteries at a very reasonable price every 2 years to make sure that the system remains fully operational and free of low battery warnings, giving users peace of mind.

Are Radio Fire Alarm Systems widely used?

Included the impressive list of properties protected by Radio Fire Alarm Systems are Bath Pump Rooms, Bath Pavilion, Charlton Park House and Grittleton House, as well as simpler systems more recently installed in Bath in the Royal Crescent, Abbey House, Bath Aqua Glass, Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen and many HMOs and Grade I and II properties that have been converted into Apartments.

Total Fire & Security – Experts in our field!

The requirements for the Design, Installation, Servicing & Maintenance and Commissioning of Fire Alarms are described in the British Standards BS5839-1 for Commercial Buildings and BS5839-6 for premises with Sleeping Accommodation such as Hotels, HMOs and Buildings converted into Apartments.

Installation and Servicing of Fire Alarm Systems should only be done by competent accredited Companies. BS5839 recommends that this competence can only be assured by using Companies that are third-party certified by a UKAS-certified certification body. Total Fire & Security holds BAFE SP203 Accreditation for all aspects of Fire Alarm Installation and Servicing.

We are accredited to the BAFE SP203 Automatic Detection and Fire Alarm Standards for all aspects of working with Fire Alarm Systems:

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