Wired Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems play an essential role in life and property protection and need to be designed and installed to the current Fire Alarm and Wiring Regulations to make sure they operate correctly.

Wired Fire Alarm Systems

Wired Fire Alarm Systems use specially engineered fire-resistant cables which need to be installed using metal fixings that will not melt and allow the cable to sag and potentially risking people getting tangled and preventing their escape.

When installing wired Fire Alarm Systems, cables must also be run separately to other cables so that if work is done on other services, the fire cables cannot be caught and pulled, causing a potential fault that could jeopardise the system operation.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

On an Analogue Addressable System, every device on the system is uniquely “addressed” and the Control Panel has a display that will give status information on each one individually so that the type of device and the source of a fault or fire detection can be clearly displayed on the Control Panel.

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Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Wired Fire Alarm Systems can be either Conventional or Analogue Addressable. A Conventional Fire Alarm System is more often installed in smaller sites with simple layouts as it has Detectors and Break Glass Units grouped into Zones. If there is a fire detection or if someone triggers a Break Glass Unit, the location of the event is indicated on the panel as a Zone (usually by a coloured LED).

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The requirements for the Design, Installation, Servicing & Maintenance and Commissioning of Fire Alarms are described in the British Standards BS5839-1 for Commercial Buildings and BS5839-6 for premises with Sleeping Accommodation.

Installation and Servicing of Fire Alarm Systems should only be done by competent accredited Companies. BS5839 recommends that this competence can only be assured by using Companies that are third-party certified by a UKAS-certified certification body. Total Fire & Security holds BAFE SP203 Accreditation for all aspects of Fire Alarm Installation and Servicing.

We are accredited to the BAFE SP203 Automatic Detection and Fire Alarm Standards for all aspects of working with Fire Alarm Systems:

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